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The Peace of Divine Purpose (Advent 2022)

How do we find peace in the midst of difficult times and periods of suffering? Can we trust God that he has a plan in uncertain times? This is the story of Jesus’ birth and childhood. (A reflection written for WBU’s 2022 Advent devotional.)

Christian Reflections on the Taoist Way of Water

For the Taoist, we should strive to live in line with the Tao, the Way of the universe. For the Taoist, the power of yielding water is the way we should structure our lives. What is the Taoist concept of power as yielding water? For Christians, is this not a description of the way of…

Marking the Trail

We are set apart for a special purpose, to live a life that leads others to glorify God and to point the way toward the one who is the Way. Quick observations from a hike.

Creation Cries Out

As wars ravage the land, creation groans awaiting liberation by the Sons of God. Who are these Sons of God? What should their occupation be and how does that relate to creation?

When All Is Lost, Look to the Cross!

Ever thought about how Jesus is a snake? While John 3:16 is one of the best-known verses in the Bible, we don’t always consider how it is preceded by telling us that Jesus is like the snake Moses lifted in the wilderness. If we want to understand the love of God who would send his…

When Life Comes Crashing Down

The book of Jeremiah tells the story of two pots. Both are smashed. One is reformed while the other is irreparably damaged. What will happen to you when life comes crashing down?

Christian Reflections on Kabbalah and the Hasidim

What can a Christian learn from the Jewish Kabbalah or Hasidism? Does Isaac Luria’s teaching on the light of creation connect to the Logos? Does the Baal Shem Tov’s teaching on community relate to the teachings of Jesus and Paul?

Christian Reflections on the Tirthankara

Jains believe there were some who found a way across the river of death and rebirth. These Tirthankara (ford-makers) should be imitated by those seeking liberation. How does Jesus relate to this idea? Is he not only the true Tirthankara but the Tirtha (the Ford) itself?

Mahatma Gandhi’s Sage Advice to Make America More Christian

When asked how to naturalize Christianity in India, Gandhi named four things that Christians should do. These profound statements are just as significant today. If enacted, they would help Christians reach a post-Christian America in the twenty-first century.

Flourishing like a Palm and a Cedar

Psalm 92 tells us the righteous flourish like the palm and cedar. Creation care not only calls us to be stewards of the earth and its resources but also to learn from these beautiful creations of God. A creation care week devotional.

The Stories We Tell . . . Part 1

We all tell ourselves stories. It is how we make sense of life. The question is, what stories do we tell ourselves? Are they stories that unite or divide? Do they bring us closer to love of God and love of others or reinforce our self-interests?

Watching and Waiting (WBU Advent Chapel 2017)

Advent means “coming,” as in the coming of Jesus.  It is a time of waiting and anticipation.  Do you realize how hard it is to slow down and wait in our culture?  We’re a Netflix generation.  On Friday, Boom!  A whole season of some show drops.  Don’t lie to me—you binge watch the season in…

Young Messiah (Movie Reflections)

I love movies, the larger than life stories it can create (e.g., the Star Wars mythos), the liberties it can take at times with alternative realities (e.g., superhero movies) or creating new twists for old stories (e.g., flipping the climatic scene from Wrath of Khan in the Star Trek reboot Into Darkness).  There certainly are new…

Reflections on courage: Observations from Benedict’s resignation

Courageous.  I have read and heard this term numerous times on television and in print during the past week to describe the decision of Benedict XVI to resign as pope of the Roman Catholic Church at the end of February.  Perhaps they are viewing the decision from the perspective of the world’s definition of power.…

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